Hardys was founded by English immigrant Thomas Hardy in 1853. Thomas Hardy’s vision was to create wines that would be prized in all markets of the world. True to his vision, Hardys wines have won more than 2800 national and international wine show awards.

From humble beginnings, the Hardys portfolio has grown and diversified featuring table, fortified and sparkling wines from luxury to everyday wines. Thomas’s early exports to England have expanded and today Hardys is enjoyed in over 140 countries around the world.

Thomas Hardy’s vision, determination and passion built one of Australia’s most loved wine brands and pass on his knowledge through generations will ensure Hardys rich heritage continues.

Hardys Range

  1. Thomas Hardy
  2. Eileen Hardy 
  3. HRB
  1. Tintara Reserve
  2. BNW
  3. Char #3
  4. William Hardys 
  5. The Chronicles Range
  1. Nottage Hill
  2. Stamp
  3. VR
  4. Riddle Range
  5. Crest Range
  6. Quayside