Grant Burge

Grant Burge takes heritage and quality as its core brand values. As the second largest wine brand in Barossa, Grant Burge is a family brand with more than 160 years history. The family heritage and winemaking history dates back to 1855.

The famous tailor-John Burge and his family moved from the UK to the Barossa Valley in Australia and began to engage in wine making.The family’s focus and passion for brewing wine has been passed down for over 5 generations and continues into the 21st  century.

Over the years, the Grant Burge has been one of the most respected and innovative forces in the Australian wine industry, a guarantee of quality and origin, and an ultimate pursuit of ideals and detail. The brand’s dry red wine, sparkling wine and fortified wines are highly regarded by consumers.

Grant Burge Range

  1. Icon Range
  2. Wine of Distinction
  3. Alfresco

  1. Vigneron Collection
  2. Barossa Ink Series
  3. 5th Generation

  1. GB Series
  2. Benchmark